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Single Signed Masters Flags

Single signed Masters Flags most of which I have received in person.


This is the second 2004 Masters flag Mr. Palmer signed. He signed this flag right after he flew into Augusta at the ariport. Jim Beaser owns the first signed 2004 Masters flag. He signed it exactly like this one. Value with inscription $1000-1250



VERY VERY Rare signed Tom Watson Masters Flag. He simply will not sign these! This flag was signed at the 2007 Masters for a good friend of Mr. Watson. This flag is 1000X rarer than Tiger Woods signed Masters Flag. Value $400-500



Herman Keiser 1946 Winner signed signed Masters Flag. Another very tough autograph! He had a tough time signing his name later in life. Value $500-800


Jack Nicklaus signed 1997 Masters Flag Mr. Nicklaus overall is a very good signer but he can be very hit or miss when it comes to signing Master Flags. Once again at the Memorial tournament he would not sign Masters Flags. Since he does not play he is difficult to find. Value since it is a 1997 flag $1200-1400


If you know Mr. Nicklaus personally he might sign your flag like this.  He signed it for a personal friend.  NOT ME


A very sharp looking signed 2005 flag signed by Nicklaus


2008 Masters Flag signed by Trevor Immelman Value $100 This one he Signed 3 days after he won the Masters


Seve Ballesteros Masters Champion 1980 and 1983, signed Undated Masters flag signed at the 2005 British Open Value $450  I always loved meeting Seve.  I walked with him during his final masters round in 2007.  He was hitting it left and right but love to watch him play.  After getting his autograph a few too many times one day he said to me Sir haven't I already signed for you and I said yes sir you did.  He put his hand on my shoulder and said let's make this the last one today.  It was!  PS. He said it with a stern smile.


Signed Seve 2007 Masters flag. His final Masters. Signed in Alabama in his only Senior Tour event. Value $450


Nick Faldo signed and Dated flag signed at the Tour Championship in Atlanta 2005 Value: with dates $175-250



Zach Johnson signed 2007 Masters Flag. He is simply burnt out signing these flags. He is no longer signing these without personalizing them. He is also avoiding autograph collectors. I recently attended the Tour Championship and he only signed one day. Value $125-175


Sam Snead signed 1997 Masters flag Value: $1000-1400


Snead Signed Masters Flag Value $400-500


Billy Casper signed flag with Dates of his First Masters, They year he won 1970 and his Last Masters 2005 Value with dates $150


Jose Maria Olazabal signed 1999 Masters Flag from the year he won Value: $150-200


Gay Brewer Masters Champion 1967 Value: $125-200


Fred Couples 1992 Winner is a popular Champion Value : $150-225


Art Wall 1959 Winner signed 2000 Masters flag Value: $300-400


Arnold Palmer signed undated flag. Value: Perfect autograph and a undated flag $300-400


Craig Stadler 1982 Masters Champion Value: $50-100


Charles Coody Masters Winner in 1971 Value: $75-150


Vijay Singh Masters Champion 2000 People give Vijay a tough time but he is a pretty good signer. Value: Undated or 2000 flag $125-175


Mark O' Meara Masters Champion 1998 It can be difficult to get Mr. O'Meara to sign a Masters flags in the middle of the logo. The last 2 times I asked him to sign the middle, he refused. Value sign in the middle: $100-125


Mike Weir Masters Champion 2003 This flag is very rare because it is signed in the middle of the logo. Value: $250-350 Because it is signed in the middle. If signed outside the logo value $125-175



Jack Stephens (dec.)Masters Chairman signed flag.


A authentic Signed Tiger Woods Masters flag signed in the Middle of the Logo. I have tried for Years (about 8) for him to sign one for me and I have never had him do it. I think about 99% of signed Masters flag by Tiger are fakes. If he does sign one it is never in the middle and he usually turns it upside down. You have less than a 1% that he will even do that. This flag was signed for Upper Deck. Value $1000-2000

Very Rare Byron Nelson signed Masters Flag Mr. Nelson stopped signing Masters items in 2001-02. This bottom flag was one of the last Masters flags he signed. Value $600-800



A very Rare 1993 Masters flag signed by Ben Hogan  There are very few authentic Hogan Masters flags.


Gary Player signed Undated Flag with a large signature with the years he won. Value $200-250


Larry Mize Masters Champion 1987 This is one of the rarest single signed flags. For the past 2-3 years Mr. Mize will only personalize Masters Flags. He signed this flag for a charity. Over the past several years I have only seen 3 unpersonalized flags signed by Mize. He is not a big name but it is RARE Value: $225-350


Very Interesting Flag signed by Bob Goalby and Roberto De Vicenzo The 2 men who were to play in a play-off for the 1968 masters, but Mr. De Vicenzo signed a incorrect scorecard thus, Mr. Goalby won the masters.


Nick Faldo sigle signed 1997 Masters flag. Very Rare Flag Mr. Faldo can be very tough to get. Value since it is a 1997 flag $750-1100


The Greatest Masters Champion. Jack Nicklaus signed this undated flag for me at the 1998 Masters. Value with prefect autograph and Undated Flag $300-400


Gary Player signed 2005 Masters flag Value: he is getting a little harder $150-200


Jack Burke 1956 Winner signed Undated Flag Value: $125


George Archer 1969 Winner Signed 2005 Masters flag signed about 2 months before he passed away. Value: $350-500


Ben Crenshaw signed and Dated Masters Flag Mr. Crenshaw has no problem with signing Masters flag in the middle for dated flags. But if you have him sign a undated masters flag he will personalize it. This flag was purchased from him to raise money for his daughter's softball team. Value: $150-200


Billy Casper signed 2005 Masters flag His final Masters appearance Value: $200


Doug Ford 1957 He was easy to get a few years ago now he is very difficult Value: $150


Ray Floyd 1976 Winner on a 2005 Flag He can be very Tough and moody! Value $85-175


Fuzzy Zoeller 1979 Winner Rare because it is with a Black pen. He usually always wants to use Indiana Red! Value: On a undated flag $125-175 I am not sure what is up with Fuzzy, But he used to be great about signing but now he hates it when it is a Masters flag.


Phil Mickelson Signed 2004 Masters flag. The 2004 Masters flag are very rare because of Phil winning and Arnolds last year. Value: $300-375 Some Unsigned flags sell for as much as $160.00


Tommy Aaron Masters Champion 1973 Value: $75-100


Bob Goalby Masters Champion 1968 He is difficult to find but if you find him he will sign. Value: $75-125


Sandy Lyle Masters Champion 1988 Value: $75-100


Ian Woosnam 1991 Masters Champion Value: $75-125


Recently signed Burke Flag his 50th anniversary


Angel Cabrera signed 2009 Masters flag  I was lucky to get him to sign this flag the day before he won the tournament.  Value ?  I think overall he will be a difficult autograph to get.


Charl Schwartzel signed Masters Flag.


Bubba won't win the award for Mr. Congeniality.  He is a unusual person and can be a difficult autograph to obtain.  He also refuses to signed a Masters Flags in the middle of the logo.  Not sure why?


This is how Jordan Spieth will sign if you are friends with him.  I did not get it signed.  A very rare autograph and is quite valuable.



Non-Masters Champion signed flags- Bill Clinton signed these Masters Flags for me in Atlanta,Aug 6 2007

General tip in getting a good autograph on a flag. Some of the autographs bleed over time! One way to cut back on this is by spraying the flag before it is signed with Scotchgard.