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Unsigned Masters Flags

Course Used Flags


An Actual Masters Tournament Used Flag. Actual used flags have a plastic tube connected to them. I have seen several reproduction for sale Value: $800-1500 I have seen a few sold on eBay recently.  The price really depends on the year and the winner and Hole Number.  (if the tag says year and hole number)


This is a Tournament Used 2019 Masters flag!   About 2012 or 2013 Augusta started putting lables in the tubes saying the year and sometimes the Hole Number.   This flag was used on the 11th Hole during the 2nd Round and Tiger made a birdie!  I don't own a 2020 flag but those flags only have the year on them not the hole numbers.  FYI



Flag used during regular play at Augusta National A few years ago these flags were used during the Tournament. Value: $1500-2250


Green Masters Flag These flags are used on the Practice Range. Value:$1750-2500 Very Rare as well

Souvenir Flags sold during the Masters

In the early 1990's Augusta National started selling souvenir Masters Flags. I never bought any because they were very thin and when they were signed the autographs bleeded. I got almost all my autographs on Augusta National Scorecards until these nice heavy flag were introduced in 1997.

1997 Masters Flag


A 1997 Masters Flag This is the nicest Masters flag. It is a thick flag and it is fully embroidered in the middle of the Logo. This flag is popular because it is Tiger first major and it was sold before collecting Masters Flags became popular. Value as gone down a bit I think unsigned it is $2500-3000 and signed still around $4000.

Recently there has been several FAKE 1997 Masters flag being sold.  Just looking at the photographs it is hard to tell the difference  between an authentic 1997 flag and the fake ones.  Here are a few of the differences.

First, The grommets are much more goldish in color on the counterfeit compared the an authentic 1997 Masters flag.

Second, The flag size of the counterfeit is slightly smaller than that of the authentic Masters Flag.

Third, The yellow embroider stitching of the Masters logo is more defined with straight lines, and with the green border logo stitching it is even more evident.

Forth, The material of the flag is slightly different, more course on the counterfeit/fake.

5th  The center embroidery is more “corn rowed” than “flat” like my authentic 1997 flags  

6th  Authentic flag came with the White straps attached to the grommets.  I photograph above I removed the white straps because it was framed.  Most of the fake ones don't have the white straps. 

I hope this helps 



Authentic 1997 Masters flag grommets are a Brushed (muted) Brass


Fake 1997 Masters flag have a Polished (Shiny) Brass


A close up photo of the embroidery of a authentic 1997 Masters flag


Close up of the embroidery on a Fake 1997 Masters flag.  Notice the Corn Rows which is not as apparent on the authentic flag.


This is a Price tag from a 1997 Flag. I wish I could buy several of these flags for the original price of $18


A authentic 1997 Masters flag still in the package.


Pre-1999 Undated Masters Flag This flag is much rarer than the post-1999 flag. This flag was sold at the 1998 Masters The material is heavier, and the stitching is thicker. Value about $150-200


Undated Masters Flag Post-1999 Value : $120-150 These were sold in 2002 for a short time and are sold to Augusta National Memebers and former Masters Champions.


Pre-1999 Undated Masters Flag


I was recently informed by a collector that you can tell the difference between Pre-1999 and Post-1999 Masters flags by gap in the shadow stiching under California / Arizona.


1999 Unsigned Masters Flag. Value :$125


2000 Masters flag Vijay Singh winner. Value Unsigned: $100


2001 Masters Flag Tiger Woods winner and his "Tiger Slam" Value: $125


2002 Masters Flag another Tiger Woods year. They sold out quickly.  I was there and I think they sold out Wednesday of the Masters.  Which is before the tournament even started. Value: $75


2003 Masters flag Mike Weir Value of unsigned flag: $75-110


2004 Masters Flag is a Very popular flag because it was Arnold Palmer's final Masters appearance and Phil Mickelson was the winner Value: $125


2005 Masters Flag Another Tiger years but I think most importantly it was Jack Nicklaus' Final Masters. Value $40-60 I think over the next few month its value will go up.


2006 Masters Flag It will also be a very popular year with Phil's Victory value $40-50


This is a 2019 Masters Tournament used flag.  Sometime during the past 10 year they started stamping the flags with the year and hole number.  For collectors its great that way we know for sure it was used and when and where it was used


This is a sticker in the tube in the used masters flag.  It says ANGC2019 #29  so this is flag number 29  so this is the flag that was used on the 11th hole 2nd round.  18-29=11 hole 2nd round

Unofficial Masters flags


This is a quote  from tourflags.com about these flags, "  This flag was NOT produced or sold by Augusta National.  A collector in Ohio had about 100 of them made in the early 1990s.  The purpose of making them was to obtain autographs of past champions.  The flags were then mailed to past champions.  I have yet to see a single unsigned flag.  While this flag is not official, it can't exactly be considered fake either, as the gentleman who had the flags produced did so years before Augusta National even had the idea to sell flags.  The flag is still rare and desirable "




This is a VERY RARE 2018 and 2019 Seamus special flag.  I know that they only made 25 of these flag for the 2018 Masters and Only sold them in Berckmans Place and sold out the first day.  The cost is $150 bucks per flag.   For the 2019 Masters they sold the exact same flag.  Im guessing they only sold 50 to 100 of them?  They only sold them in the Clubhouse and in Berckmans Place.  By far the rarest flag the Masters has sold!!