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Claude Harmon Champion 1948

Claude Harmon is the most difficult Masters champion autograph to obtain.  The reason his autograph is difficult is because he was not a touring pro, he considered himself a teaching pro. He held the position as head pro at Winged Foot for several years. Since he did not play on tour as a normal player would people did not see him to ask him for his autograph. The reason why he even played in the 1948 Masters was because he was traveling from Florida's Seminole Golf Club where he worked in the winter to his to his summer job as Head Pro at Winged Foot in New York. Another interesting thing is that Craig Wood and Claude Harmon were very close friends. When Mr. Wood decided to leave his position as head pro at Winged Foot he hand picked Claude Harmon as his successor. Claude Harmon named one of his sons after him who is named Craig Wood Harmon who is now the head pro at Oak Hill another prestigious golf course in New York. Mr. Harmon fairly recently passed away in 1989.



A perfectly signed Post Card signed in 1960


Perfect Claude Harmon autograph signed on a index card!


I bought this autograph from someone who was personal friends with Mr. Harmon.   He (or Jim) was a golf pro with Claude's son Dick in Houston, TX.  I asked him if he has anything else signed by Harmon and he said he was a good friends and never even though to ask for his autograph.  At least he had this one.  He also said he talked with his hand a lot.?


Signed scorecard (twice) from his Winged Foot. Very Rare Signed in 1970


This is a page signed at the 1951 Ryder cup at Pinehurst.  It has some great names on it including the very rare Claude Harmon, Jimmy Demaret, and Tommy Armour


A Masters placemat signed by pretty much the entire field including Claude Harmon. This item was signed at the 1984 Masters.


Claude Harmon signed Masters Champions hat signed in the mid 80's



Signed Cut attached to a scorecard.


Claude Harmon's Sweater


These are examples of Claude Harmon's Autographs. I do not own any of the following examples. If the current owners of these items has a problem with me showing these, please email me and I will remove the images. I have had several requests to show authentic examples of his autograph as it can vary.