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Update Feb 26 2014  This is a update and a few words about dealing with authentication companies like PSA/DNA and JSA.  First they both can be a VERY frustrating to work with.  All you are getting a their educated guess!  If they turn something down it does not mean it is NOT authentic.  I recently sent PSA/DNA 32 items along with $1400 and all of them I felt there was no questions about them being authentic.  Out of the 32 items 13 were returned to me as not passing.  For example,  I met 1946 Herman Keiser several times and was personal friends with is daughter.  I got him to sign several Masters scorecards for me in the mid 1990's.  I sent them to PSA/DNA and I just got them back as NOT AUTHENTIC!  They kept my money and they say sorry they are NOT AUTHENTIC!  I know they are authentic. 
Last word about authentication companies.  I guess they are a necessary evil.


They Pass this one!!


And they fail these!!  ?? 

There is another awesome golf collectibles website    www.scottishgolfmuseum.co.uk  There are tons of images and a lot of hard work has been put into his website from this passionate collector  It's a great site Gary  Congrats.



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A great site about Tournament Used Scorecards. They have some for sale!