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Historical Items

Some of the Historical items I have picked up about Augusta National and various trophies.




This is a very Rare 1934 First Annual Invitation Tournament or the very first Masters!  It is thought there are about 30 copies of this program in existence.  There are 2 versions of this program.  This version is the program which was actually sold during the tournament.  The 2nd version had a page added to it which had all the final scores.  The later version is a more common and it is though there is less than 10 copies of this tournament sold version.   I found this information on the web about this program " Augusta National produced a very limited number of programs for its first tournament in 1934 due to financial constraints, and fear of limited interest in the event. The program was forty-four pages long and contained a map of the course, descriptions of the holes (written by MacKenzie), photographs of the clubhouse and other points of interest, historical information about the property, photographs of most of the members of the club, and several dozen advertisements. It sold for a grand total of twenty-five cents (recent auctions have this program going for 15K+). Over represented among the advertisers were the club’s numerous creditors, who had been offered space in lieu of payment."


An original letter from Robert Jones personal records from George Cobb about the buidling about the Par-3 course at Augusta National. Mr. Cobb worked with Mr. Jones on the design of the Par-3 Course. Notice on the lower left hand side of the letter is Bobby Jones handwriting telling the hole numbers. I think it is a very interesting and historical letter.



Another much longer letter from George Cobb to Bobby Jones about the building of the Par-3 course.


An invoice from 1875 for several trees from the Fruitland Nurseries signed by P. J. Berckmans. Before Augusta National was a golf course it was a Nursery


Bobby Jones was asked how he would compare to Nicklaus and Palmer.  This is his simply yet direct reply in 1961.  It is a timeless question and this is what he thought on comparing golfing greats from one generation to another.  Really interesting reply.


This is a quote from "The Masters" by Dawson Taylor, "Doug Ford came roaring out the of the pack on the last round with birdies on Nos. 12 and 14 and a particularly brave 245 yard wood over the pond at No. 15 to catch Snead."  This is the club that he used to make that shot that won him the Masters.  It is a very historic club.


I was able to purchase Doug Ford's 4 wood he used to win the 1957 Masters. Another interesting item. It comes with a letter from Mr. Ford.


This is a 2019 Masters Champions Dinner Menu which was signed at the dinner by all who attended this very prestigious dinner.


A rare 2002 Masters Champions Dinner Menu held in Honor of the 2001 Masters champion Tiger Woods


This is PGA Golf Hall of Famer Jock Hutchison's 1921 North South Championship Gold Medal  The North South Championship was a very important tournament in the early 1900's.  This Medal was found in southern New Jersey.



This is Billy Casper's 1967 Carling World Open Victory golf Medal.  In Mr. Caper's book "The big three and me" he talks about this victory.  "Al Geiberger and tied for the lead and it was a sudden death.  I chipped within 3 feet of the hole, leaving me with a 3 foot putt for the victory.  First place was $35,000 and second place was $17,000.  $35,000 was more money than I'd ever won in a golf tournament.  As I stood over the putt I started doing the math in my head and that 3 foot putt was worth $6,000 a foot!  Suddenly, my knees started knocking.  I had to force myself to stop thinking about he money and focus on the fundamentals."   Well he made that putt and this is his victory medal.



A very rare 2020 November Masters Participate's Invitation


The rarest invitation of them all.  A invitation for the Masters Champions Dinner!!


2012 Masters Invitation

This is a interesting letter from Clifford Roberts about the slow play of some groups at the 1957 Masters. It is interesting because it shows how much Mr. Roberts was s stickler for details. It my be hard to read.


A letter from Jack Stephens to Gene Sarazen thanking him for being the starter at the 1998 Masters.  Very cool.


Payment for his visit to Augusta and Hitting the Opening Shot with Snead and Nelson


Throughout the 1950's 60's and 70's it was very popular to wear badges on your hat at the masters.   This is one of those hats and it some of the best early badges on it.  The badges on this hat started with 1961 through 1978.  Really neat and valuable hat.  The early badges can sell for $2000 to $1200 each.


This was Billy Burke's (1931 US Open Champion) actual trophy for winning the1940 (1) Miami Biltmore International Four-Ball (with Craig Wood)


This Silver cup was given to the 1951 British Open Champion Max Faulkner  at the 1970 British Open Champions Dinner held at St. Andrews.


I was lucky to have bought several items from 1923 Open Champion Arthur Havers' estate.  I was able to buy this 1970 Open Champions dinner dish which matches Max Faulkner's dish I own.


2 Items from Arthur Havers' estate.  Top is a silver plate given to him for Years of service to a Golf Association and at bottom item is a silver lighter given to him in 1933.


Silver Cup given to Max Faulkner for playing in the 1956 Dunlap Masters held at Prestwick Golf club


Max Faulker's Trophy from the Tam O'Shanter Open.


Doug Sander's Victory Gold Medal from the Doral Open!  1967



I very rare letter from John E. Laidlay.  He was a very early amateur Scottish golfer.  He invented the most popular golf grip used today, although the grip is credited to Harry Vardon, who took it up after Laidlay.  He also won the British amateur in 1889 and 1891.