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Multi Signed Flags

I attended the 2016 Masters for 5 days only missing monday Tuesday and friday. Each year it gets more difficult to get autographs at the Masters. Several years ago you would go and get about 20 Champions autographs in one day. Now you are lucky to get 3-4 in a day. It is very difficult, and I can say I am glad I got what I have back in the early days. Mr. Nicklaus signed a fair amount of autographs and  Mr. Palmer did not sign any that I saw.  Mr. Palmer is very frail. I was very lucky to get 3 Nicklaus autographs and I did not get Palmer. 


Masters Flag signed by 40 Champions Rare because it is signed by Gene Sarazen and several others who are deceased.  This is my original Masters Champions flag and I started it in 1998.


This is a Masters Champions Dinner flag signed at the champions dinner.  It was signed for Bernhard Langer and he donated it for charity and I bought it.  I recently added Jack Burke, Bubba Watson and Adam Scott  It is a very nice flag  34 Champs  I was able to get Jordan Spieth to sign it very nicely at the 2016 Tour Championship


A nice Masters flag signed by 38.  It has tiger Woods on it and it was signed by Tom Watson and Spieth at the 2016 Masters.Tiger signed it at the 2011 Masters


Masters Flag signed by 36 Champions  We were able to add Tiger at the 2012 Masters


Masters Flag signed by 35Champions


Masters flag signed by 35 Champions  We were able to add Tom Watson at the 2012 Masters


Masters flag signed by 37 Champions  We were able to add Tom Watson at the 2012 Masters



34 Masters Champions


Sharp looking signed Masters flag 32 Champions


31 Masters Champions

Another 2 new starts. GOD HELP ME! But this one is signed by MIZE and Watson. This flag was bought from someone connected with Mr. Watson. The Watson autograph may be a autopen? It is a little different pattern then the other autopen patterns I have seen, but it is almost too prefect of an autograph.


One this one I am going to see how many winners I can get to add they year(s) they won.  It was a very big success to have have both Nicklaus and Palmer add the years they won the Masters.


A very Nice Flag signed by 34 Champions and it is Signed by Watson and Tiger!!  Tiger signed this at the 2010 Masters Saturday Round! 


Close Up of Tiger's autograph signed at the 2010 Masters


New Start flag!  But already signed by the BIG 3 In the middle along with Waston!!


I was able to Add Tom Watson (Difficult) and Rory at the 2015 Masters to this flag to keep it up to date with 36 Champions  Still need Tiger


British Open Champions Flags.  I was able to get Tom Watson to sign this flag at the 2015 Open Championship at St Andrews.  He is very difficult


 I gave up on trying to get Tiger Woods to sign any of my multis so I started a new British Open Winner flag with Tiger already on it.  I was able to add Tom Watson and Phil Mickelson at the 2015 Open Championship.


 Maybe one of the nicest signed US Open champions flag signed by 45 US Open Champions 


US Open winners flag with 44 Champions!  I started these flags in 2006 at the same time.  I was able to buy the 2009 Open flag early by calling the course directly.   We were able to add Tom Watson at the 2012 Masters and Yesterday Sep 21st 2012 Tiger Woods signed both of the after his round at the tour Championship. 



PGA Champions signed flag.  This one might be one of the nicest out there.  It is signed by Tiger and it is a VERY Rare 1999 Medinah flag.  44 Champs


41 PGA Champions




A President's Cup Flag signed by both teams.  This was a sit down signed flag signed in the team room for Fred Couples.  Cool to have Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan on the same item.  Jordan was an assistant captain. 


A British Open signed print signed by all the possible winners except for Tiger Woods  But it is signed by Norman and Watson!  They are tough


Multi signed images. Sorry for the poor images as they reflect a lot of light.



This is an incredible 1994 Masters Poster signed by Henry Picard, Ben Hogan, Cary Middlecoff, Herman Keiser, Snead Nelson Sarazen etc.  I need to only add around 2 more guys (Tiger Woods  Danny Willett) and It would be signed by 44 Masters Champions. I was able to convince Tom Watson to sign it at the 2015 Open Championship.  He said since Ben Hogan is on it he will sign it with a nice autograph in a good spot!