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Examples of Horton Smith's Autograph from my collection

Horton Smith being the first Masters Champion will always be a very popular and desirable autograph to obtain. Mr. Smith was the first Masters Champion to pass away which he did so in 1963. I see his autograph as rare, but maybe because he held the position of President of the PGA for several years his autograph is not nearly as rare as Craig Wood or Claude Harmon.


A perfectly signed Horton Smith signed photo


This Putter was Horton Smith's personal putter.  Mr. Smith gave this putter to Dawson Taylor in 1961.  Dawson Taylor co authored "The Secret of Holing Putts!" with Mr. Smith.  


A letter from Dawson Taylor talking about Horton Smith giving him this putter.


This is a signed copy of "The Secret of Holing Putts!"


A letter from Horton Smith.  He refers to his cancer treatments.  


A handwritten letter to his golf coach.


Horton Smith signed Index with Jimmy Thomson, Lawson Little, and Harry Cooper.


Horton Smith signed scorecard from the Opening round of the Horton Smith Golf Course in Springfield, MO.


This is a signed Ticket from 1934.  It was a great year as Mr. Smith won the Augusta National Invitational tournament earlier in the year.


 A perfect autograph on a album page


A signed envelope to fellow PGA president Warren Orlick.  It was send from Rochester, Minnesota.  He was being treated for Hodgkin's disease at the Mayo Clinic.


Horton Smith Signed letter to his golf coach.


Index Card autograph attached to a scorecard


A golf program signed in 1941


Horton Smith's Medal given to him by the Detroit Golf Club to commemorate his Hole in one, May 8th 1954.


 It is difficult to see be this is a small Knife that Horton gave a friend, Bobby Walker.