I was fortunate to have met Mr. Sarazen at the Masters a few times. When the Masters week would start I would go and hang out at Bush Field or Augusta Airport and I would meet several of the golfers as they would come through. This is where I met Mr. Sarazen a few times. His autograph is fairly common as he would sign through the mail for many years. His autograph on an index card would sell for $25.

Gene Sarzen signed photo

Gene Sarazen handwritten letter.

An interesting letter where a golf writer asked Mr. Sarazen to comment on the passing of Jimmy Demaret. Interesting saying Mr. Demaret was a loner and he didn’t know him well.

An award given to Mr Sarazen from the PGA of America.

Mr. Sarazen’s letter from Augusta National, thanking him for returning to hit the opening tee shot and sending him his honorarium for returning.