Horton Smith was the first Masters champion to pass away in 1963. Mr. Smith was a prolific letter writer to his friends and swing coach. Because of this, a decent amount of his autographs are out there. Not common but not scarce like Craig Wood or Claude Harmon. Mr. Smith was also the president of the PGA of America from 1952 to 1954.

A very nice 8 by 10 signed photo of Horton Smith. Signed photos of Mr. Smith are quite rare.

This is Horton’s scorecard from his course record round in 1948. He shot a 62 at his home course The Detroit Golf Club.

This is the actual scorecard used and filled out by Horton for the opening round of the Horton Smith Golf course in his hometown of Springfield MO.

Autograph card signed by Horton Smith Harry Cooper Jimmy Thomson and Lawson Little.

A letter from Horton to his swing coach Alex Morrison.

Another note from Horton to Alex his swing coach.

A letter from Horton to the PGA about preparing for the Ryder Cup and making plans to get to the UK in 1933.

Another letter to his swing coach Alex.

A letter from Horton to Dawson Taylor. Dawson was a friend and they both wrote a book together about putting. When I see letters from Rochester Minnesota I feel sad, Horton was battling Hodgkin lymphoma and he had his lung removed and wasn’t doing well. He talks about his treatments in this letter.

Another letter to Dawson talking about the release of their putting book.

A signed copy of Mr. Smith Putting book The Secret of Holing Putts… Unfortunately, Mr. Smith passed away 1 week after signing this book!

A signed copy of the Secret of Holing Putts~!!

A signed envelope and a Christmas card Horton sent out to his swing coach Alex Morrison.

This is Horton Smith’s son’s birth announcement. This is an interesting item as Horton’s wife soon after the birth of his son would divorce him and have their marriage annulled. Sadly Horton never had any contact with his son. Barbara Bourne Horton’s ex-wife remarried and Horton’s son changed his last name and had no connection with his father. I was able to find Horton Smith’s granddaughter who talked to me. I asked her about her grandfather and she said he knew Horton was her grandfather but the family never discussed him. Interesting and sad to say the least.

Horton Smith’s medal was given to him for being the Secretary for the PGA of America.

A very rare Horton Smith Tournament used scorecard for the 1954 Western Open.

Horton Smith was the scorer for Julius Boros for the 54 Western Open.