This is a 1900 Cope Brother golf card of Tom Morris This set of cards came out in 1900 and they were from Liverpool. There are only around 50 of these cards graded by PSA and this card is worth 2k-3k in a PSA 3 This is the most desirable card in the set. This card is considered Tom Morris’ rookie card.

1900 Cope Brothers Tom Morris Jr. PSA 5 There are about 55 of these cards graded by PSA

A very nice cope of 1900 John Ball Cope Brothers card graded a PSA 7 High grades in this set are very hard to find. These cards are 125 years old.

Allan Robertson PSA 3 1900 Cope Brothers graded a PSA 3 Allan Robertson was considered to be the best golfer of his time. He unexpectedly passed away at the age of 43. The Open was started in 1860 1 year after the passing of Allan Robertson to determine who was going to be considered the next best golfer after Allan Robertson. This card was made 41 years after his passing.

Open Champion Alex Herd 1900 Cope Brothers PSA 2

J H Taylor Cope Bothers card ungraded.

1901 Ogdens Tom Morris PSA 4

1902 Ogdens Tom Morris PSA 2 This card is considered an error as they have his name as J. Morris.

1902 Ogdens Harry Vardon PSA 3

1926 Bobby Jones Lambert & Butler card. Right now this card is ungraded but would most likely get a PSA 2? Some consider this his rookie card.

1927 Churchman Bobby Jones card.

This is a 1910 T218 card of Alex Smith He won 2 US Open in 1906 and 1910

This is a 1971 Barrett Jack Nicklaus card I bought this card as a PSA 7 I carefully cracked it open and I was able to get it signed. I resent it to PSA and it came back a 4. LOL This card is quite valuable as it is very popular to get rookie cards signed. This is considered Jack Nicklaus’ rookie card. Value of this card is 3k?? to 4k?? Not sure.

1973 Panini sticker card. This card was only released in Italy and is quite rare. Value of this card 2k-3k?? not sure

1979 Venorlandus card signed by Jack Nicklaus

1996 SI for Kids Tiger Woods Rookie card This card is in poor shape but is considered to be Tiger’s rookie card.

2002 SP Game Used card of jack Nicklaus

Masters Collection signed Arnold Palmer card

Masters Collection card signed by Arnold Palmer

Jack Nicklaus signed Masters Collection card

This is a limited edition Rookie card of Dustin Johnson. It’s limited to 35 and is signed. With a PSA 10 it’s a fairly valuable card.

This is the oldest golf card created. It’s from a set of cards produced in 1878. The company was called Huntley & Palmers and they produced biscuits! PSA has only graded 40 of these cards.

This is a 1906 Chocolat Meurisse golf card. This card was produced in Paris France by a Chocolate Company. PSA has only graded 8 copies of this card.

This is a 2002 SP Phil Mickelson signed card. This card is considered his rookie. It received a low grade. I still don’t know why.

Here are 2 1971 Barratt Gary Player signed cards