These are souvenir flags sold at the masters over the years.

This a called a member’s flag. They do not sell them at the masters. These flags are only sold in the clubhouse not during the masters. Usually, if you get to play Augusta National and you can go inside the clubhouse pro shop you should be able to buy these flag. That is all you have to do is get invited to play Augusta National and you can buy this flag for 30 bucks. LOL Value is about $300

This is a very Limited flag only sold at the 2019 Masters These flags were only sold inside a VIP area called Berckmans Place and also sold inside the Members Proshop. These 2019 flags have an embroidered logo and they have a thin wood holder and a red label. I have seen these flags sell for $1500 These flags were produced by a company called Semus and there were limited to only around 50-75 of them produced.

2023 version of the Semus flags. These flags were also only sold in Berckmans Place and the members Proshop. These flags cost 150 bucks. These flags have a material logo with an embroidered outline of the logo. These flags have a brown label and a cardboard holder.