Tiger Woods’s autograph is tough to get as he doesn’t like to sign autographs. He thinks of autographs as a time waster and he isn’t going to make everything happy and the requests will never end. His autograph is quite valuable and his company Upper Deck Sells his autograph. I recently went to the Father-Son Tournament in Orlando for several days and he didn’t sign 1 autograph for anyone outside the ropes. He did sign a few items for special VIP people inside the ropes.

A nice early signed program celebrating his victory at the 1994 US Amateur

Program from 1995 celebrating Tiger 95 US Amateur victory.

A nice early signed photograph.

In 1996 I was able to get Tiger Woods to signed this scorecard to me.

An interesting form filled out and signed by Tiger Woods. Tiger loves diving and DAN is a diving club or group.

These 2 items were signed right in front of me at the Masters. Tiger would sign for litter boys who were picking up trash and one agreed to ask Tiger for some autographs and he signed for him. Both autograph turns out great.

A very rare signed 2020 Masters Champions dinner invitation to Mr. Wood’s dinner.

My Daughter Reese was able to get Tiger Woods to signed this flag during the 2015 Masters. Very rare to get his auto and for him to sign the middle of the flag.

I bought this flag from a military friend of Tiger Woods. Tiger has a lot of love and respect for our military.

A signed program for the 1998 Masters

A signed program from the 1995 US Amateur

This program is from the made-for-TV Battle at Bighorn was signed by all 4 participants.

A signed AMEX ad.

This is just interesting for me. I was walking with Tiger during the 2015 Open at St Andrews and on the 12 hole he hit an iron and his Divot landed right in front of me and I just picked it up and put it in a bag and I still have it. Cool this is I also took a photo of him right before he swung and that the photo and Tiger’s Divot from St Andrews!