This is my cleanest and nicest Champions flag. It was signed at the champions dinner in 2012 I did add several names to it to try to keep it updated. I bought this flag from a church which Bernhard Langer donated it to raise money for the church. Very nice with Tiger and Nicklaus in the center

This is my original Masters Champion flag. Rare as I had Sarazen Kaiser and Nelson sign it.

1997 Masters flag turned into a champ flag

This flag I tried to see how many Masters champions would add the year or years they won the Masters. Not all of them would do it but I did get Nicklaus and Palmer to do so. I remember asking Palmer as I was sitting in his office to add the years to his autograph. He gave me a dirty look but he did it. He didn’t like adding inscriptions to his autograph.

Champ flag this one has Tiger Woods autograph on it. Tiger is almost impossible to add to flags. He rarely signs anything. A few years after his Sex scandal he would sign in the kid’s area at the masters. My daughter had him sign maybe 5 or 6 flags over those years.

Another flag with Tiger and Seve.

Tiger Woods signed this flag upside down His auto is left of the 2009.

This is a 1998 Undated Masters flag. Tiger signed this flag in 1998.