PGA Championship used scorecards.  Of the 4 Major there are a good amount of USED PGA Championship scorecards hit the market.  Around 2010?? There was a change in management of the PGA and all the scorecards were simply thrown away.  Someone found out about this and they pulled them all out of the trash and I was very lucky to have bought around 200 of them.  The years they threw away where from 2000 to 2014?  Even Vijay Singh’s winning 2004 Scorecard was found in the trash!

This is Bruce Campton’s 1973 4th round scorecard from the PGA Championship.  Jack Nicklaus carried this card and filled it out, he also went on to win the 1973 PGA Championship.

This is Jack Nicklaus’ 1980 PGA Championship 1st Round scorecard from Oak Hill.  Jerry Pate was the scorer and Mr. Nicklaus went on to win the 1980 PGA Championship.  This scorecard is very rare and quite valuable.

This is Vijay Singh and Justin Leonard’s scorecards from the 2004 PGA Championship.  They are both from the 4th round and they were in a playoff to determine the winner of the 2004 PGA Championship along with Chris DiMarco.  Vijay won the 3 hole playoff.  So this would be considered to be Vijays winning scorecard from the 2004 PGA Championship.  

A few socrecards where Tiger Woods was the Marker.  2004 PGA 2007 PGA which he won and 2002 PGA.

2 Scorecards from the 2005 PGA Championship where Phil Mickelson was and Marker including the 4th round where Phil went on to win the 2005 PGA Championship

2006 PGA Championship scorecard where Tiger Woods was the Marker and he went on to win the 2006 PGA Championship at famed Medinah Country Club.

Here are the officials’ scorecards for the 1961 PGA Championship. The 1961 PGA was a Playoff between Jerry Barber and Don January. Love the letter that comes along with them, the scorecard where they returned to the Champion Jerry Barber.